The Science behind Emily Jane's Deliciously Healthy Foods
Now here’s where I put my goggles and lab coat on and turn into a science geek...

When developing all my foods, I ensure that they are made with the most natural, simple ingredients possible. But I don’t just want to find natural ingredients that taste amazing, I want to know what they’re doing for my body. After all, food is fuel and everything we eat has an effect on us. We should be able to enjoy the food we eat but I also want to know that I’m giving my body the nutrients and types of real food that it needs to perform at its best.
Emily Jane's Deliciously Healthy Foods - The Science Bit
Natural Ingredients
I use healthy, natural ingredients in my foods, such as; Meats, Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts.

These foods were our fuel for our active lifestyles, before the introduction of grains to our food chain. Yet now we have an abundance of grains easily available to us, at every meal, causing our diets to be high in carbohydrates and very low in the foods we thrived on for years. Carbohydrates, in the form of grains, provide few nutrients and empty calories, causing a large glycemic load, with little if any health benefit.

The loss of nutrient dense fats and proteins means losing the nutrients these provide and encourage the sudden craze to use copious supplements as a poor substitute for real food.

Reintroducing healthy, natural ingredients back into our lifestyle will mean getting rid of empty calories from too much sugar and grains and banishing unnecessary supplements and multivitamins. Getting the nutrients needed from tasty, real food.
Gluten Free
All my foods are naturally gluten and grain free. The human body is not designed to digest the sugars and starches that are found in grains in the vast quantities that we eat them in.

Gluten is a protein based component found in certain types of grains and many individuals have great difficulty when ingesting products containing gluten. The gluten can be removed from the grains but products without the gluten, yet still containing grains, are not only highly processed and devoid of nutrients but also filled with high GI, high carbohydrate flour substitutes, fillers and additives.

I do not use any fillers, substitute grains or unnatural additives in my foods, to ensure that my foods remain healthy and naturally gluten free.
Refined Sugar Free
Sugar is commonly only thought of as the white granulated stuff in a packet, only in sweet foods. However, the refined granulated sugar isn’t the only source of sugar. Grains are high in carbohydrates and are broken down from starches into sugars, these starches are mostly broken down in the small intestine, where they are available as food for bacteria, encouraging disease progression in the body.

To use the amount of sugar required to reach the sweetness levels found in commercial foods is too much sugar for the body to cope with and can end up wreaking havoc on insulin levels, contributing to insulin resistance and messing with the immune system. Instead of inducing this metabolic disaster, I don’t use any grains, so those starches and consequently sugars are not present.

When it comes to sweetening products I use the bare minimum of naturally sweet foods, such as small amounts of fruits, whole or dried and honey, which contribute to the flavour of the dish, instead of a generic overly sweet, sugary taste.

Eating these foods in very small amounts with fat and protein reduces the glycemic load on the body and enables you to eat tasty foods without the disastrous metabolic consequences for your body.
High Protein
Protein sources such as meats, eggs, dairy products, nuts, higher protein vegetables are incredibly filling foods and are a vital component to life. As they provide a source of certain amino acids which cannot be synthesised by the body. Amino acids are necessary for muscle and tissue development.
Emily Jane’s Foods is all about using fresh, simple, natural ingredients to create healthy, beautiful, popular foods. So we can enjoy healthy foods we love to eat.

Food is primarily fuel and should be eaten to promote health and provide us with the basic requirements for life. It’s also a huge part of our culture, having used to hunt and scavenge for food together to more modern times, cooking and eating together. Eating is a social experience and is a way of bringing people together. So it’s important that the food we eat is good quality and delicious. I aim to bring back good, healthy, fantastically gorgeous foods so everyone can enjoy eating naturally and healthily.

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